Virginia Separation Agreements

A separation agreement is a contractual agreement which lays out the terms for a divorcing couple. This agreement should be in writing, fully understood by both parties, and signed voluntarily. The importance of having a separation agreement is to clearly set the terms of your divorce. Separation requirements for spouses are to live separate and apart for one year or six months if there are no minor children.

Separation Agreement Terms

A separation agreement will spell out the terms of your divorce. Some terms of this agreement may be the following:

  • Property Division
    The couple would designate the division of their assets, such as homes, cars, bank accounts, insurance policies, etc.
  • Child Support
    The couple must come to an agreement upon child support that is required by Virginia law.
  • Child Custody
    As long as the visitation plan is in the child’s best interest the courts will generally approve.
  • Spousal Support/Alimony
    The couple would agree to the amount and duration of alimony payment.
  • Attorney Fees
    Depending on your situation, one spouse may be made to pay or help with the attorney fees and court costs created by the other. Whether either party pays part or all the fees will be left for the courts to decide.

By having a separation agreement in place, this will assist you in dissolving the marriage without it being prolonged in the court system. Should the divorcing couple disagree on the various terms of their divorce, the courts will make these decisions for them.

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